The Music of Marriage Book


The Composer of marriage provides the melodic component from which everything else in marriage derives its place, purpose, and enjoyment. Without the defining and guiding role of melody, music is formless and devolves into confusion, conflict, and chaos. Without the melody, no one knows what part to play, and the parts have no purpose.

The direction of the Divine Melody inspires harmonic companionship, and marriage becomes ever more dynamic.

Even in conflict, God’s hand is seen in the same way in which a songwriter creates suspended chords and then resolves the dissonance. Conflict and resolution are a necessary part of a process leading to greater marital unity.

Discover the score which God has written, which cannot be diminished by time or circumstance, nor its permanence easily dismissed.

Included are guiding principles for spiritual, personal, and
relational transformation in the following categories:

• The cultural influence on marriage
• The transforming power of the gospel
• The love-God connection
• ONENESS—its meaning and power
• Myths surrounding compatibility

• The secret of marital friendship
• Pathways to love and intimacy
• Character—the road to deep relationships
• Nurturing an understanding heart
• Love in the little things
• Speaking the truth in love
• The conversational aspect of marriage

• Fighting the ‘good fight’ & spiritual warfare
• The path to forgiveness and reconciliation
• A biblical perspective on divorce
• Developing an enduring mindset
• How faith ties the present to the future
• Fulfillment and completion over time


“Like their music, the practical wisdom of Bob and Evy Smith is a masterful interweaving of melody, harmony, rhythm, and poetry. Down to earth and supremely Biblical, their book will inspire and convict you; it will encourage and provoke you as you write the music of your own marriage.”
—George Grant • Pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church, and founder of New College Franklin.

“Bob and Evy Smith’s new book is different. This book fulfills a vacancy that has existed for some time. May God use it to bless many.”
—Jay E. Adams • Founder of the modern biblical counseling movement and The Institute for Nouthetic Studies; author of Competent to Counsel.

‘Outstanding!” —Tom Jackson Performance coach, author of Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method and All Roads Lead to the Stage.


The Music of Marriage Presentation

Be part of the solution to encourage lasting marriages and families!

BOOK US for a live “Music of Marriage” performance and presentation of our love/life songs with talking points from our book!

Church • Small Groups • House Concerts • Coffee Houses • Retreats

A Music of Marriage presentation will feature Bob and Evy sharing their original music, thoughts on how to write the music of your own marriage, how to rewrite the song of a struggling marriage, and how to make the music last.

Expect to be challenged and renewed by:

Love/life songs performed by Bob & Evy

Engaging concepts shared from their book

Personal testimony on lasting marriage

Child sponsorship opportunity

Books and CD’s available for purchase

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The Music of Bob and Evy

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Our music is one of varied influences—a blend of folk, jazz, pop and classical. We write to probe beneath the surface of our broken world and complex relationships; the haunting questions underlying things that are just beyond our grasp—that point where despair and uncertainty meet hope and inspiration.


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